50 of the best tools for recruiters

  • Anymailfinder

    Get anyone's real email address. This tool finds the email and checks its validity. For recruiters there's a Linkedin extension that collects the email of candidates you view. The great thing is, you can confirm it works without having to sign up.
  • Hirabl

    Hirabl helps you find missing recruiting fees owed to you by clients who hired a candidate you presented but didn’t pay you.

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  • Rapportive

    Want to make your investigation of potential candidates quicker and easier? Rapportive is a free Gmail addon that displays users’ LinkedIn profile information right in your Gmail inbox.
  • Socedo

    Socedo is a social selling tool that helps you automate the process of discovering leads and build relationships on Twitter.

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  • SmartRecruiters

    SmartRecruiters has pioneered a new type of open source methodology built for the cloud called Open SaaS. It has a super easy user interface and has built in some of the most needed functions for recruiters today like mobile recruiting, social recruiting, and collaborative communication tools for recruiters and hiring managers as well.

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  • AngelList

    AngelList is known as the go-to site for all things regarding start-ups and venture capitalists But did you know it is also a resource for job seekers who want to work at startups? Currently, their reach is 543,070 active candidates including 164,162 developers and 35,022 designers. 6,000+ new candidates weekly.

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  • Producthunt

    ProductHunt does not have an official traditional job board, but if you send an email to talent@producthunt.com, they will post jobs free, update it on their jobs page and email it out to the subscribers of their newsletter.With over 400,000 users, it could be worth a look.

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  • JobInventory

    Around since 2009 the site has no ads and it is entirely free. Also, they do not use aggregators to find jobs; all of the jobs are from contributors. According to RANKW, they get over 3,000 unique visitors a day.

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  • Bullhorn Reach

    Bullhorn Reach leverages social media to get your posts in front of your target audience. I like the ease of use and the social sharing aspect. Although it only allows you to publish two jobs at a time, you should still make sure you are posting here. It is a great site for social recruiting.

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  • ContextScout

    Context Scout is a people aggregator that will find information about your candidates such as blog links, social media profiles, emails and more.

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  • SideKick

    Was once called SideKick now it's HubSpot sales. Track those emails within Gmail - generous freemium use to test it out.
  • Full Contact

    Similar to Rapportive, helps you to learn about your Gmail contacts, right from your inbox.
  • 360Social

    360social is a Chrome Extension that scrapes social networks to find additional information on the contact you select.

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  • WeirdlyHub

    Weirdly is a customized recruitment software that allows you to create a fun, interactive quiz to include in your recruitment campaign

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  • Boomerang Gmail

    Boomerang allows you to schedule an email to be sent later, have easy email reminders and lets you take control over your outbound email.
  • Aevy

    Aevy Anywhere is a sourcing tool which can also see if people have read your message, you can schedule follow-ups and make email templates.
  • Hello Talent

    Hello Talent is a smart new tool that simplifies adding, aggregating and sharing sourced profiles.

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  • Veruca beta

    In beta. Veruca.io is an automated sales and recruiting pipeline builder. Find – Basic Contact Information. Enrich – Deeper Information, additional emails, and social contact info. Engage – Automated Formatted Outreach.

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  • Streak

    A top-notch email tracking, mail-merging, template building and CRM all-in-one.

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  • Import.io

    Create awesome sourcing lists, similar to Scraper, but easy with a magic button. Sign up then add the “magic” bookmarklet.

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  • Discover.ly

    See information from social networks as you browse.
  • Archively

    A candidate CRM/database ideal for start-ups. Create an account, download the chrome extension and their API directly uploads candidates from the web into the database.

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  • RightFit

    Their product RightView is a data visualization tool for recruiters that has the power to integrate into any ATS via an API. RightView helps recruiters understand the talent and resumes within their database.
  • Pandadoc

    Pandadoc.com is a great resource to send and store documents on line, without having to email back and forth between two parties. The sender has the ability to change the document while discussing it with a chat format box alongside the document or form in real time. Great for a recruiter who needs an NDA signed before you can discuss the company or position.

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  • HackerRank

    HackerRank is a new tool designed to help hire developers; while it has a fairly broad range of features and functions, the thing it really does best is giving recruiters the capability to deliver fully customized, completely configured coding challenges directly to candidates.

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  • WantedAnalytics

    Begin your global workforce strategy by measuring talent supply and demand. WANTED Analytics shows how many candidates meet your requirements and which companies around the world are also hiring for similar talent

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  • Data-miner

    You can right-click on a webpage element, and it will try to “Get Similar” data fields and create an orderly file for export. Handles pagination.

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  • HereFish

    Herefish takes your neglected candidates and automatically nurtures them, leading to a better-engaged candidate pool for you.

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  • Lever

    Collaborative applicant tracking system. Everyone on the team should help finding talent. Developers find better developers, period. Marketing guys can find better marketing guys etc.

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  • Charlie app

    Charlie is a tool that compiles one-pagers on the people you’re about to meet with, before you see them. Minutes before every meeting in your calendar, Charlie makes sure you walk in with the intel you need to make a killer impression

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  • Reply App

    Reply will help you by helping you “personalize” your automated email so that your prospect warms up a little so that eventually, it isn’t cold it is now a warm call.

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  • HoneIt

    Supercharge the existing phone screen and candidate submittal process. It allows allows the interviewer to time-stamp questions, tag skills and share recorded highlights with peers and hiring managers.

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  • Found.ly

    Found.ly helps to create prospect lists by using search engines to consolidate information including email, phone and social records. Found.ly will accurately search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter.

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  • Yatedo

    Like Google search for people only. Yatedo is a profile aggregation tool which allows you to find and contact anyone on the web searching any keyword in a structured environment.

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  • Nimble

    Nimble is an “intelligent” CRM that will gather all the information for all of your contacts across your smartphone, social media and email applications.

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  • HomeRun

    Homerun is a recruiting software that helps you to create job postings with style and personality all while analyzing job post effectiveness, team collaboration and workflow.

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  • Datanyze

    Datanyze tells your sales team who to contact now e.g. Is the CIO at your target company ready to leave?

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  • Copernic

    The average person spends approximately 2.3 hours per week searching for documents so get super fast Copernic Desktop Search.

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  • Kaggle

    Kaggle is one hell of a sourcing tool to identify one of the industries most difficult to fill job families, Data Scientists.

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  • Ifttt

    Recipes on IFTTT are the easy way to automate your world e.g. If a new job is added by a company I follow, then send me an email or Keep track of LinkedIn connections new positions. (Note: some recipes may not work due to changes to Linkedin)

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  • RecruiterBox

    An ATS system that thinks about the actual end user who is the recruiter and sourcer e.g. accepts resume attachments in all possible formats.

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  • ZipWhip

    For mobile recruiting. Allows users to send and receive text messages from any device connected to the internet anywhere in the world.

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  • Sellhack

    Also finds emails and even though they were given a cease and desist order by Linkedin they've adapted their business towards lead lists.

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  • TextRecruit

    TextRecruit, however, separates the personal and professional by providing an easy-to-use texting platform that allows employers to track SMS campaigns and their performance.

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  • YesGraph

    One of a growing number of startups focused on referrals, this Palo Alto based company’s solution was designed primarily with high tech, high growth companies in mind.

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  • Assistant (aka Betty)

    Book meetings with one email. No back & forth. No double bookings and it's free.

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  • SkillScout

    By applying some of the best marketing techniques to candidate interaction and recruiting. They’re creating recruiting experiences, not just recruiting materials.

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  • Mighty Recruiter

    Mighty Recruiter is a job posting service and resume database with over 10 million resumes. It helps you maximize the most bang for your buck.

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  • HireVue

    Provides video job interview technologies combined with recruitment screening and evaluation tools for employers.

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  • TakeTheInterview

    This systems allows employers to send out interview questions to multiples candidates, who can record/video their answers.

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